Vila Mat helps keep Sean Black going

Here’s a fun little feature we just dug up on our friend and professional snowboarder Sean Black.

Sean rides hard is no stranger to injury and pain, and uses the Vila Mat to help his body rehabilitate during the snowboarding season.

“Injuries can take a toll on a riders body. A lot of riders have gone through problems with their health and I’ve personally gone through two shoulder surgeries since I started filming snowboarding. During the off-season I go to the gym 2-3 days a week, do yoga, and skateboard to keep in shape and get ready for the winter. During the winter I do a number of things to try and stay up while we are beating down our bodies.  My back gets pretty worked in the winter, so I use a Vila Mat almost every night to loosen up my muscles and increase blood flow to those muscles.  Anything to keep you going…”

Check out the full post here.

More snowboarding goodness from Sean!

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